rice dishes
    comes with rice and steamed vegetables
‘bo kho’ beef stew 18
    stir-fried lemongrass beef 19
grilled chicken thigh 18
    slow cooked pork bellie 19
stir-fried vegetables (vg) (gfo) 18
    pho is the pride of vietnamese cuisine. it is also to be Ming Ming’s signature dish, pho soup is a spectacular noodle soup bowl that comes with meat, flat rice noodle and heaps of spring onions in rich, aromated broth. pho dry version is only available at Ming Ming’s kitchen. Yum!
pho soup
    comes with aromated broth & onions
‘thin’ stir-fried scotch fillet (gfo) 19
    ‘hanoi old town’ bashed eye fillet (gfo) 19
char-grilled scotch fillet steak (gfo) 19
    ‘bo kho’ beef stew 18
shredded chicken breast (gfo) 17
    grilled chicken thigh fillet 18
pho dry
    comes with soy sauce & heaps of herbs
stir-fried lemongrass beef 19
    char-grilled scotch fillet steak (gfo) 19
‘bo kho’ beef stew 18
    shredded chicken breast (gfo) 17
grilled chicken fillet 18
    fried tofu (gfo) 17
stir-fried vegetables in soy 18
    chef’s specials
steamed pancake 18
    w/ pork, mushrooms n herbs
wonton noodle soup or dry 22
    w/ charsiu pork and egg noodle
hanoi ‘ladder’ vermicelli noodle 22
    w/ many layer of topping
    mains -to share-
wasabi prawns 29
    w/ homemade pickles
grilled chicken fillet 24
    w/ galic teriyaki sauce
stir-fried greens (vg)(gfo) 23
    w/ sweet chilli soy & tofu
slow cooked pork belly 25
    ‘bo kho’ beef stew 24
chicken’n mushroom 23
    stir-fried in soy sauce
steamed vegetable (vg)(gfo) 15
    w/ galic oil
    steamed rice 3
steamed vegetables 4
    stir-fried vegetables 7
wonton skin 1.5
      beef 6
    pork 5
      chicken 4
    donutz 3
      fizzy sips
    soft drink 4
      coke, sprite, fanta, coke zero
    peach ice tea 5
      phoenix ginger beer 6
    voss sparkling water 8
      kombucha 7
    apple, raspberry
      or lemon lime bitters
    cold sips
      cafe iced long black 5
    cafe sua da(w/ condensed milk) 6
      iced coconut 6
    iced lychee 6
      hot sips
    vietnamese dripping coffee 5
      w/ condensed milk 6
    green tea mug 4
    coco mojito 9
      soda, coconut, lime
    lychee mule 10
      lychee, ginger beer, lime
    lucky pinky 10
      lemon, blood orange, raspberry
    lychee martini 18
      vodka, lychee, mint
    hanoi outta 16
      white rum, lime, basil
    pinky funky 18
      tequila, vermouth, blood orange
    ginger gangster 18
      gin, ginger, G-mint
    hanoi 10 lager, 5,1%, vietnam
corona 8 lager, 4,3%, mexico
    hoegaarden 10 wheat, 4,9%, belgium
peroni red 9 lager, 4,7%, italy
    peroni leggera 8 lager, 3.5%, italy
fat yak 8 pale ale, 4,7%, aus
      rekorderlig 10
    berries or passionfruit
Azahara Brut NV 200ml 11
    Vueve Ambal Blanc de Blances Brut Chardonnay55 Bugundy – France
    ’18 La linea Tempranillo Rose 48
    ’18 La Linea Vertigo 25GR Riesling 48 Adelaide Hills – SA
      ’19 Catalina Sounds Sauvignon Blanc 54 Malborough – New Zealand
    ’19 Dal Zotta Pinot Giogio 12/45 King Valley – VIC
      ’18 Snake & Herring “Tough Love” Chardonnay 50 Margaret River – WA
’19 Sticks Pinot Noir 54 Yarra Valley – VIC
    ’19 Te Mata Escate Gamay Noir 12/50 Hawkes Bay – New Zealand
’17 Red Claw Shiraz 57 Heathcote – VIC
basic 12
    premium 14
45ml + mixer


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